Whispering Pines Phase IV update!

91 or the 92 homes in new Phase 4 of Whispering Pines are SOLD ❗❗#holdmysign #readthatagain SELLING HOMES A LOT OF HOMES to very deserving and patient families #alldayeveryday #neverhasthisbeendonebefore #EVER #WESETTHEBAR #challengeme Please don’t you worry, we have an entire phase coming your way consisting of over 160 homesites (Phase 5) . ➡For more information ☎ Brittany Hopkins, VP – Meybohm Real Estate 706-631-1983 ☎ Beau Hopkins-Meybohm Real Estate 706-825-5842 ☎ Ben Parrish, Realtor 706-755-5648 #unstoppabletogether #localdeveloper #localbuilders #localREALTORS #localclosingattorneys #locallenders #DREAMTEAM WWW.WHISPERINGPINES-GA.COM | 706.631.1983 Brittany Hopkins, VP – Meybohm Real Estate Beau Hopkins-Meybohm Real Estate Ben Parrish PlanDwell Homes South Georgia Homes Meybohm Real Estate Mike Polatty Kevin Rosier Joseph Rudolph Wes Dant Keith Lawrence Reagan Williams John Chambers

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