The 4th of July and what it means

When we think about the 4th of July many of us think about picnics or time with our friends and families. It has become a day off from work and one that is centered around relaxing and ending the day watching fireworks.  And that is fantastic but i challenge you not to forget what the day truly means to us as Americans.  How many of you get goose bumps when you hear the Star Spangled Banner sung? I know i do. I don’t ever it without hearing it and feeling proud.

The Fourth of July is day we as Americans struck out to create a Nation founded on religious freedom and representation of the people by the people.  Because of July 4th, 1776 we as Americans can choose our path through life. We have the freedom to do and be whatever we want.  This is something that many people in the world do not have the choice in. We continue to have these choices in life because of the Americans who serve in the Military day in and day out.  I am sure that you have heard that our Freedom is paid for with the Sweat and Blood of the people who have laid down their lives. Our Military gives back to each one of us every day.

I challenge you to do something for our military members this week leading up to the fourth. Because of out founding fathers and what they did on this day we have the right of Freedom. So find a military member and buy their lunch, hold the door for them or just take a second to thank them for their service.

On a personal note my Grandpa, Glenn Lehner, served in the Marine Corp. My family will be spending the 4th together and I know I am planning on thanking him in person for his years of service and for being the cornerstone of our family that now reaches beyond Four Generations of Proud Americans . My Grandpa instilled hard work, kindness, respect & love in the heart of my Mom. She then did a phenomenal job bestowing those same characteristics upon her 7 children. I am certain that without the sacrifices of men & women like my Grandpa, we all would not have the luxuries, freedom, & choices we all often times take for granted today. We get so hung up on “life” and forget what we are truly living for, “One Nation Under God”. I could go on but in closing I want you reading this to remember “Freedom does not come Free”. 

So as you watch the fireworks on the Fourth, remember they symbolize the battles that many of our loved ones are still fighting for today!