Welcome to the U.S. Army Fort Eisenhower and the Central Savannah River Area! Fort Eisenhower is home to the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, where soldiers are trained in cyber warfare and information technology. Leading the way into the 21st century, Fort Eisenhower is transforming from an isolated Army installation into an integrated community in the Augusta area. Fort Eisenhower is extremely proud of its successful community partnerships that support the mission and complement the installation management action plan.

The Fort Eisenhower Installation

The installation covers an area of approximately 56,000 acres, and is one of the largest military bases in the Southeastern United States! Fort Eisenhower, previously known as Fort Gordon, was established in 1941 as Camp Gordon, and was initially used as a training center for the Army during World War ll. The Fort has a population of over 34,000 military personnel, civilian employees, and their families. Fort Eisenhower is a major economic driver for the Augusta area, contributing over $2 billion annually to the local economy. The installation is home to several major units, including the U.S. Army Signal Corps and the 35th Military Police Detachment. Fort Eisenhower and the Central Savannah River Area are valued neighbors, trusted community partners and recognized leaders in city management and public administration, continuously improving both communities with quality facilities and excellent services. Fort Eisenhower has met the challenge of change by becoming a proactive and diverse community that welcomes partnerships in its innovative approaches to installation management. By sharing together, everyone benefits by making Fort Eisenhower and the local communities into one integrated, cooperative, and caring community. Whether you have come to Fort Eisenhower to learn, teach, live or to work as a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, as a mission partner, or to provide the vast support necessary to maintain a military post of this size, you will be a vital part of the “Home of the Signal Regiment” and a valued member of the Central Savannah River Area community.

Driving Directions

Fort Eisenhower can be reached from Interstate 20, located on the western edge of Augusta, Ga. The Dyess Parkway (Interstate 20, Exit 194) leads you directly to Fort Esienhower’s main entrance. Alternatively, take the Bobby Jones Expressway (Interstate 520, Exit 196) then drive east on Interstate 520 to Exit 4 onto Highway 278 (Gordon Highway/Fort Gordon exit). These exits will lead you onto Fort Eisenhower through the Main Gate (Gate 1). Fort Eisenhower is approximately 139 miles east of Atlanta, 80 miles southwest of Columbia, S.C. and 122 miles northwest of Savannah, Ga. Located about eight miles southwest of Augusta, Fort Eisenhower’s location is close to the Augusta metropolitan area and an easy drive to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, and the mountains.