Date of Incorporation December 10, 1790
Form of Government Five Member
Board of Commissioners
Registered Voters 89,716
Number of Employees
     Police 341


Area in square miles 290
Columbia County facilities and Services
     Miles of County maintained roads 665
     Culture and Recreation:
     Gym Complex Center 1
     Community Centers 3
     Parks 10
     Libraries 3
     Library Book Circulation 520,544
     Library Collection Size 164,559
     Miles of lake shoreline 1,200
Police Protection
     Number of Personnel 341
     Number of calls for service 50,829
     Number of prisoners processed 3,032
     Civil & criminal cases processed 8,111
Court System
     Number of marriage licenses 340
     Number of gun permits 526
Sewer System
     Number of treatment plants 4
     Maximum daily capacity of treatment plant in gallons 9,350,000
     Number of Accounts 26,898
Water System
Daily water treatment production
     Capacity in gallons 39,000,000
     Number of Accounts 33,506
Facilities and Services not included in the reporting entity:
     Number of elementary schools 17
     Number of middle schools 8
     Number of high schools 5
     Number of alternative schools 1
Fire Protection
     Number of fire stations 20
Medical Facilities in the Metro Augusta Area
     Number of hospitals 7
    Number of patient beds 3,000

Source: Various County Departments as of October 17, 2008